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1. What are your prices?

Since all the work we do is custom, orders start at $350. The price increases based on the size of your party, intricacy of the cake and flavor choice. After you contact us with basic information, we will give you a price range. The final price will be determined with the final design. Every cake is unique!

2. Can I stop in to pick up a cake?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have a storefront and therefore have no cakes available for last minute pick-up. Everything we do at Sweet Passion is custom! Our consultations, tastings, etc. are scheduled and our location is provided directly to each of our clients.

3. What kind of frosting do you use?

All of our wedding/event cakes are frosted in our home-made pure Swiss Meringue Buttercream, then covered in hand-rolled fondant. Our fondant is white (but can be tinted any color) so we cover up the buttercream and make the cake look flawless. The intricacy of our designs requires the use of fondant. You just can’t do what we do in buttercream alone!

4. Do you make cakes for people with dietary restrictions?

Yes, we offer gluten free cakes (please inquire as to which flavors are gluten free). We are NOT, however, gluten free certified. We have one kitchen that we make all of our products in! Although we fully wash and sanitize our equipment, we use the same equipment to make our gluten free cakes (bowls, pans, etc.) as we do our gluten products. If you order a gluten free product from us you acknowledge the risks that come along with a shared gluten/gluten-free kitchen! Unfortunately we cannot accommodate people with nut allergies. We also do not normally make sugar-free, or vegan cakes on our menu but have done a few in the past and would do our best to accommodate special requests.

5. Can I order sheetcakes?

Our sheetcakes are specifically meant to subsidize our larger wedding and event cakes. We don’t do sheetcakes alone.

6. Do you require a deposit?

Custom cakes require a great deal of planning and work long before your event! Therefore a minimum of $100 deposit (non-refundable two months before your event) is due upon placing your order. The full balance of your order is due 2-weeks prior to the event. We cannot guarantee your order if we do not receive your deposit!

7. Do you offer delivery? Is there a fee?

Yes. Delivery fees begin at $40 and increase based off of the location of your event (we take into account tolls, time, miles, etc). However, you may pick-up at our location at no additional cost. Please note that all wedding cake prices include delivery and setup.

8. Do you ship your cakes?

No. All of our cakes are either delivered or picked up at our location. UPS and FedEx are just not as careful as we are!

9. Are the numbers, people, flowers, shoes etc. on your cakes edible?

Even though they are made out of edible elements such as gumpaste, modeling chocolate and/or fondant, they are for decoration purposes ONLY. Many of our toppers, figurines and flowers contain wires & styrofoam which can be a choking hazard to young children (and even adults!). Please also keep in mind that they are created well in advance, so this makes them extremely hard.

10. How far in advance should I order?

To maintain the quality of our cakes, we limit the number of orders we take in a weekend… so the earlier you reserve your date with us the better. We prefer at least 2 weeks notice, however, we will try to accommodate all requests if we have an opening!